Waxing lasts longer than shaving since it removes hair from the follicles and produces a smoother result since it removes the hair from the root, causing the hair to grow back slower.

The most common side effects when waxing are redness of the skin and slight skin irritation. We recommend not using Retinol skincare products one week before facial waxing services. Sun exposure 24 hours before or after a waxing service (including tanning beds) may cause skin irritation. Please note that we operate by appointment only.


Brow Wax$15
Upper Lip Wax$10
Chin Wax$10
Nose Wax$5
Ear Wax$10
Underarm Wax$20
Bikini Wax$30
Super Bikini Wax$40
Brazilian Wax$65
Partial Leg Wax$45
Full Leg Wax$65
Partial Arm Wax$25
Full Arm Wax$35
Back Wax$45