Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are a glamorous & fun way to extend the length + thickness of your natural eyelashes. They are a practical, convenient, & a wonderful alternative to the daily use of mascara. They will last you between 2-4 weeks, depending how you care for them. Don’t worry about knowing anything if it’s your first time getting them! Education is FREE during your service! Feel free to book a consultation first if you need help to see what type of style you are interested in (classic, hybrid, or volume) and also to determine what weight/length your healthy, natural lashes can hold. The thicker & longer the extension is, the heavier it is. Everyone is different. The overall goal is to create a look you love, while respecting the integrity of your natural lashes.

Classic Lashes​

One single eyelash extension is applied to one natural lash to create your customized, natural look. This service will be 2-2.5 hours depending how many natural lashes you have.

Hybrid Lashes

A mix of 3D volume fans, along with classic lashes, you will wake up with a soft glam look! This is the perfect service for you if you can’t decide between natural or volume. Hybrid is a combination of both!

Volume Lashes

Using handmade 9-14D lashes in a lightweight diameter, you will wake up with a super dark, full lash line! Our extremely fine eyelash extensions are used to create beautiful fans that are placed onto one of your natural, HEALTHY lashes. This is the most requested full set!

No matter which lashes you choose, PLEASE arrive to your appointment with ZERO eye makeup on & NO contact lenses. If you arrive with makeup, any time used removing it will be taken from your appointment time. PLEASE arrive early if you require extra time. PLEASE try to limit your liquid intake prior to your appointment to avoid using the restroom during your service. PLEASE try to avoid caffeine until after your lash service, as this increases fluttery eyelids, which slows down the lashing process. You will need to lay as still as possible.

Lash Lifts

Toss your lash curler & try a lash lift! Lash Lifts give your natural lashes a beautiful curl – lasting up to 8 weeks! This really makes your eyes pop! Lash lifts are the perfect alternative for eyelash extensions or maybe you love extensions, but you just want a break..

You can choose to book with tint or without. The tint helps to give a dark, mascara look – lasting up to 4 weeks. A gentle vegetable dye is used to color your lashes black or dark brown. PLUS, this service includes an arm & hand massage!

PLEASE ARRIVE TO YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH NO EYE MAKEUP ON. If you arrive with makeup, any time used removing it will be taken from your appointment time. Also, please make sure you remove your contacts PRIOR to your appointment. Please arrive early if you require extra time.

Brow Lamination

The hottest new trend from Europe! We are one of the first Milwaukee spa’s to offer this non-invasive service & we are so excited for you to try it! This is a relaxing eyebrow treatment that enhances your natural brows to give them a fuller, more fluffy shape – lasting up to 8 weeks! It’s the perfect solution for filling in gaps, leaving you with a freshly groomed look. Your brow hairs will be realigned into a uniform shape, will lay flat, & they will stay in the direction they are combed. This service includes consult, lamination, + brow waxing & trimming. You can choose to book with tint or without. Either way, your brows will look AMAZING!